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Finding a Word


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If you aren't sure how to spell a name, enter the first few letters of the last name in the search box and click "Search." Any last names that begin with the search value will be displayed.  Avoid punctuation marks and spaces if you are not sure hot to spell a word. 

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Click on the audio icon to hear the word spoken aloud. See the audio section below for tips.

Learning a Word

Click on the + icon to learn more about a term.

Click on the audio icon to hear the word spoken aloud. See the audio section below for tips.

See our Pronunciation Key to learn more about the phonetic system we use.


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More Help


This quick reference page lists each nation and its most-spoken languages.

Pronunciation Key

Take a quick look at the Pronunciation Key to understand the phonetic system we are following on VOA Pronounce.


While we make every effort to give correct pronunciations for the words on VOA Pronounce, opinions do vary. With this in mind, please be aware that every entry in the VOA Pronunciation Guide database is a compromise, to one degree or the other.

Contact Embasses

To confirm the pronunciation of a word with a related embassy, see this external website for embassy contact information.

Technical Problems

If you have technical problems, please email jtedder@voa. gov